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Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard Designs

March 16th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Is it a good idea to have a kitchen cabinet part with a permanent chalkboard installed? Custom designs can hinder the resale of your home. Be careful where you install creative items.

What has sparked me to think of this matter is I recently viewed an image of a refrigerator that had a chalkboard permanently installed in the custom cabinet door panel. The style of the cupboards had raised panel doors. The custom cabinet maker had fabricated a cabinet door frame and installed a large chalkboard where the center raised panel should have been.

Here’s the problem though, the cupboards where painted white. In the future if the homeowner decides they do not like the design, it will cost them a boat load of money to replace the custom door panel and have a finish man match the paint color of the other panels. Well, you may be thinking that you would just have all of the panels repainted at that point, this would only add more money to the project.

Here’s the other thing, what if the new owners think that that the chalkboard look in the kitchen is very distasteful? When it is installed as a permanent fixture, you are “stuck like Chuck.” You will either loose a potential home buyer, have to replace the mistake with a new raised panel refrigerator front or accept a lessor offer on the home.

Consider this instead, get a chalkboard that you can place on the counter top that is designed for your kitchen. It may be a creative look and feel if it is custom fabricated in a cabinet door or even appliance panel, but in my opinion, it’s not a great choice.

If you are still insistent upon incorporating a chalkboard in the kitchen cabinetry design here are a few locations that will work just fine.

1) On the front of the refrigerator if you have custom appliances panels made

2) Install them on the finished end of an upper wall cupboard

3) Have an upper cabinet door made with the chalkboard included in the design

It’s your life, if you choose to make one of these rare items a permanent fixture in your cabinet design that will be to your satisfaction. Just think for a moment, how many kitchen cabinet designs have you actually seen in peoples homes that have them installed a stationary fixture built into the cupboards?

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