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Problems With Having Real Wood Cabinetry

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All kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets that are made from real wood have common potential problems. Real wood cabinetry looks rich and can be durable over the course of time, but the key to longevity is proper maintenance.

As you well know, we always get what we pay for. This holds true in the field of cabinet doors and real wood cupboards. One manufacture seems to have a great price for the same product in comparison to a different company. Although looks can be very deceiving if you do not understand the difference between a good finish coat and a poorly finished cabinet door.

Cracking at the joints and the finish coat wearing off are the biggest problems that people will encounter with real wood doors that are either stained and clear coated or painted.

Doors crack at the seams due to temperature changes and the humidity levels fluctuating. The wood will expand and contract causing the joints to get damaged.

When not enough coats of finish are sprayed on the kitchen or bathroom cabinets they get worn very quickly. This is why it’s vitally important that sufficient amounts of lacquer, epoxy or enamel paint get put onto the oak, maple, poplar, cherry or maple cabinet parts and doors.

Weather a door is being clear coated and stained or painted an opaque color, it should have no less than four coats of finish on it. This is a must if the product is to last a long time. The cupboard parts should have the same mount of coats as well.

Maintaining real wood cabinetry so that you get a longer life from your product begins with being very aware of all of the areas where potential water damage can occur. Once you are aware of the places that are susceptible to getting more moisture than other areas, continual attention of the areas will be necessary.

Places around sinks, refrigerator water dispensers, dishwashers and ice makers are the most popular areas where real wood cabinets get worn. Keep the areas as free from water deposits as possible. Everyone in the home must be aware of the importance of keeping the water wiped off of the cabinet parts. If the family is not aware of the potential problems that the water will cause, they will ignore droplets and that will ruin your kitchen or bathroom cabinets if left unattended to for long periods of time.

Having real wood cabinets really adds beauty to any home. Keep them clean regularly by using a slightly water-dampened cloth. Never be in too much of a hurry to not take the time to clean off food deposits or any type of liquid spills immediately. If you keep a watchful eye on all of the wood cupboards in your home and maintain them well, they will last a long time. As previously mentioned though, you will get what you pay for. Some cabinets will not stand the test of time no matter what you do to maintain them

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