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Ideas How to Make a Kitchen Look Rich

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Photo from https://www.greatinteriordesign.com

Photo from https://www.greatinteriordesign.com

For the wealthy it’s not difficult to incorporate high-end things in the cabinet design that make their kitchen look rich. Anything beyond standard selection in cupboard design is going to cost extra. So, if you are looking for ways to make your cupboards look dazzling, plan on spending a few dollars on extras. Upgrades can cost thousands of dollars extra and the possibilities seem almost limitless once you start researching all of the options.

I am going to offer a few ideas on how to make an ordinary kitchen look rich. These are not economical suggestions because any additional upgrade always costs money and with cabinetry, very seldom are upgrades reasonably priced.

Special Hood Vents-In most larger homes the trend is to install a stunning hood over the range or cook-top area. What we used to only see in restaurants are becoming common place in the houses of people who have plenty of money to burn. Stainless steel cooking appliances combined with matching metal hoods seem to ad a gigantic depth of wealth to the home kitchen. These type arrangements are diffidently for the rich. Some decorative hood vents for kitchens literally cost thousands of dollars.

Granite Counters- Although one would think that granite is beyond reach if you have a small budget due to the rich appearance of the material. To your surprise you may find that the market in recent years has made this material more affordable. In many instances, granite countertops can be fabricated and installed in a kitchen for less money than solid surface Corian tops.

Real Wood Cupboards-There are many styles of cabinets that are affordable for even the people who are not rich. In my opinion a person can spend a little extra than what a Formica set of cabinets cost and get a great kitchen from places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. If it is at all possible to install the cupboards yourself, the possibilities of having a set of kitchen or bathroom cabinets that look rich and are affordable will be more in reach.

Under-cabinet Puck Lighting-These little spot lights can make an ordinary kitchen look like a million dollars. Well maybe not that rich looking, but they do add a certain element of what you would encounter when visiting a wealthy persons home. It’s not so much the lights that cost money, but the electrical engineering of installing them and making them work properly that costs extra money. These lights work off of a low voltage connection. They require transformers to be installed for the electrical to work properly. Cabinet puck light installation is pretty simple.In addition to the cost of the electrician, the cabinet installer or fabricator is going to charge you extra for making the correct allowance for the under-cabinet puck lights.

Wine RackFor years these have been an added bonus for making a kitchen cabinet set look rich. Most wine racks will need to be custom fabricated to fit various spaces that are available if they are an after thought. If you can afford to have one incorporated in your kitchen cabinet design prior to having your cabinets installed, you can save money. This is not an item that can be easily added once the cupboards are installed.

Although there are many other things that will make a kitchen cabinet set look rich, those five items give you a broad perspective of some expensive- to not so costly items that can be incorporated in the design. The ideas on how to make a set of ordinary cupboards look great are endless. A good place to find rich kitchen cabinet ideas is by searching Google Images.

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