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How to Adjust Lazy Susan Cabinet

I learned how to take care of doing a kitchen lazy susan shelf adjustment through many cabinet installations. There are several different styles of mechanisms that support the shelves for these turntable that get installed in base or upper cabinets and kitchen pantry cabinet designs.

Having one of these additions to your kitchen cabinet design can make a world of difference if you suffer from back-pain. It is an extra that gets installed in the kitchen to make getting things out of the cupboards more convenient. My opinions about lazy susan cabinets have been developed through years of meeting with kitchen cabinetry customers. Some people rave about how much they like having them and others hate the amount of space that is lost. Personal preference, the size of the kitchen(or, amount of cabinet space) and health issues generally determine of there will be one of these turn-table shelf mechanisms installed in your base, upper or pantry cabinet design.

Things you will need:

Phillips Screwdriver
An extra persons hands
Prop sticks
Permanent marker

Underneath the shelves on the support pole there’s going to be a metal cam that gets secured tightly to the shaft. Once secured, the round or half moon shelves turn freely on the shaft. The lazy susan shelf is separate from this piece of metal. Usually the plastic or wire shelves have a particular position that they are supposed to fit into this support piece.

Adjusting a Lazy Susan Self

Figure out the exact position that the support bracket needs to be in for the shelf to be positioned correctly when it is in its final resting position. Generally, these cams have one spot that the shelf will stop in. If it is not set properly, the lasy-suzan cabinet shelf will interfere with the door of the cabinet.

* Determine how high you want the top shelf to be and mark the shaft with a permanent marker. This will make things a lot easier than just guessing where the position will be when you adjust the lazy susan cabinet shelf.

* Loosen the lock-down set-screw with the Phillips screwdriver.

* You are going to need extra hands or some type or prop stick to hold the shelf up out of the way.

* Slide the lazy susan shelf support up to the mark that you mad on the support shaft and screw the Phillips head screw tightly against the round bar.

* Lower the shelf and repeat the process until you get it into perfect position.

Some lazy susans are not adjustable.

Being able to set an adjust your shelves is an important feature to have on this type of kitchen cabinet extra. This is certainly a legitimate question to ask your kitchen cabinet manufacture or supplier prior to spending extra money on the kitchen cabinet addition.

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  1. Pat Hughes
    June 13th, 2013 at 09:21 | #1

    I read through this article and think I understood most of it, although I am not sure if I am capable of fixing the problem. Still photos or drawings would have been helpful as I am a visual learner. Thank you, Pat Hughes

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