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How Difficult is Cabinet Resurfacing

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I found this great video that demonstrates how difficult it is for an armature to do kitchen or bathroom cabinet resurfacing. How hard is it? Professional recovering specialists are working on this resurfacing project and I think you will agree, there’s a lot of work involved.

The homeowner who wants to “do it yourself” is going to need the right tools, plenty of time and a whole lot of help. The job is going to be difficult and messy as well.

Tools Needed for Resurfacing Cupboards

1) Belt Sander
2) Putty Knife
3) Block Sander
4) Contact Glue
5) Lacquer Thinner
6) Several Trow-Away Paint Brushes
7) Router
8) Laminate File
9) Tin Snips
10) Table Saw
11) Electrical Wire Snips
12) Speed Square
13) Rags
14) Shop Vacuum
15) Hand Slitter

You may need other tools. Check out this comprehensive list of tools needed to do plastic laminate cabinet work.

You will also need to be really good with a laminate file. Here’s a great video demonstrating how to file cabinet plastic laminate.

It’s a messy and smelly job to do Formica cabinet resurfacing. It’s a good idea to get some thin plastic to cover things with like furniture and the appliances. Sometimes I will duct tape the plastic to walls and ceilings to keep the dust confined in the kitchen area.

Pointers to Help Lesson the Difficulty

1) Remove all cabinet doors
2) Sand all areas of the cupboard that will be resurfaced
3) Cut strips of plastic laminate
4) Apply contact glue to the laminate and cabinet parts
5) Stick Formica or wood veneer
6) Trim pieces with the router, electricians snips and file.
7) Clean with lacquer thinner

Articles to Help Make the Resurfacing Project Less Difficult

How to Install Plastic Laminate on Cabinets
There are two options as to how one can install Formica brand plastic laminate on kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets. Are you interested in re-surfacing existing cupboards or are you building new ones? This article will teach you how to apply the material onto a new cabinet that you have built or purchased.

Materials Needed for Recovering Cabinets

What materials are going to be needed and how much will it cost when you start recovering the kitchen cabinets? First off, let me suggest that if you don’t have experience in working with Formica plastic laminate, consider hiring a professional resurfacing man.

What to Expect When Recovering Plastic Laminate Cabinets
Here are a few things that you can expect to encounter when resurfacing cabinets. These recovering tips come from my twenty eight years of kitchen, office and bathroom vanity cabinet and countertop manufacturing experience. Our company has recovered many kitchens and bathroom areas with Formica.

As you can tell, the video demonstrates how difficult that it really is to resurface kitchen cabinets. Resurfacing cupboards should really be done by a professional. If you think you want to take the project on allow plenty of time for yourself. If you know anyone who is knowledgeable at doing kitchen or cabinet refacing get them to help. If you have to hire them, then do so. Trust me, you will be happy you followed my advice when the job is finished.

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