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How to Fix Loose Thermofoil Cabinet Door Edges

The video shows how to fix  loose MDF, vinyl wrap or  Thermofoil cabinet door edges. These plastic kitchen or bathroom vanity door edges can be re-glued with Elmers glue. Sometimes you can repair them without taking them off of the cupboards.

Repairing Vinyl clad doors that are coming unglued:

Materials Needed

1) Elemers Glue All
2) Damp sponge or rag
3) Screw driver

It will be easier to make the repair if you remove the doors from the cabinets.  This is why you need the screwdriver. You do not have to do this though.

You can empty the drawers and remove them to fix the edges that are coming off.

Follow these steps:

Gently pull the vinyl edge back enough to insert the tip of the glue bottle between the board and the vinyl.

As you apply the glue, keep pressure on the edge in order to hold it back out of the way.

Press the edge down with your finger or a damp sponge or rag.

Wipe the excess glue off of the door with a wet cloth or sponge.

Wait about twenty minutes and reapply pressure to the Thermofiol cabinet door edges.

At this point the glue is stickier than when you first applied it on wet. This will cause any remaining loose vinyl to adhere to the edge of the door.

Wait ten to twenty four hours and lightly sand the vinyl to ensure that someone won’t catch the edge with their fingers again a peal it off.

That’s how to repair an MDF vinyl cabinet door that has loose edges. It is possible to do this procedure while the doors are still on the cabinets, but it’s hard to squirt the glue on the bottom edges of the Thermofoil base doors.

What causes these door edges to become loose?

There are several different reasons why a Thermofoil cabinet door will have loose edges. The one we used in the video appeared to not have enough glue on it form when it was manufactured. In some cases it’s not possible to re-glue the vinyl because the customer was not educated in vinyl clad cabinet door protective care. As a result of their ignorance, the doors were exposed to heat sources that caused the edges to pull away from the door.

  1. richard
    June 27th, 2010 at 08:19 | #1

    i need to have 2 doors refaced thermfoil white can any one help thank u 401 434 6985 rjp258@verizon.net

  2. Gianpiero Palermo
    January 9th, 2011 at 15:30 | #2

    I saw the video above and I have one door like the one in the video that has a damaged foil from excessive heat. Where can I get it fixed or replace it?

    Please help!

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