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Reasonably Priced Formica Cabinet Upgrades

There are many popular things that can be done to your Formica kitchen cabinets that are considered to be reasonably priced upgrades, if you do them yourself. Our site has many different suggestions for improving your laminate cupboards. In this article, I will connect you to some of our popular posts that are related to making changes to existing cabinets to make them better.

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to make your cupboards have an elegant appearance during the evening hours. Installing puck lights in kitchen cabinets requires a limited amount of tools and can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Adding pullouts to the base cupboards is a very popular and inexpensive way to upgrade your cupboards. This article gives in-depth details about adding roll out drawers to existing cabinets. It will require that you visit a cabinet makers shop to have the drawer parts manufactured for the Formica cabinet upgrade. Obviously, you will only need to do this if you do not have the proper tools for the job. Installing them should only require an electric drill, the proper sizeĀ  screws and a few hand tools.

Changing cabinet handles is by far the most often upgrade that is done to any style of existing cabinetry. If your kitchen has continuous C-pull on the cabinet doors, you will not be able to make this change.

Formica kitchen cabinet remodels can be accomplished rather quickly by painting the cases while the doors are off and ordering new raised panel Thermofoil doors. It’s a good idea to switch out your old hinges at the same time.

Here’s a great low budget kitchen cabinet doors remodeling idea that works wonderfully when making Formica cabinet upgrades. A little molding, paint and some colored cabinet caulk and you will be all set.

Making upgrades to your existing Formica cabinets can really be fun. There’s something very rewarding about taking an old looking set of cabinets and making them more functional while adding beauty to them as well. Every kitchen addition or alteration will present a new set of challenges that will require different tools and carpentry skills. It’s always best to approach things with a well thought out plan and make sure that you have a good dose of patience in your pocket.

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