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Undersink Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

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Shelves For Organizing Under Sinks

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This under sink organizer has great reviews. It expands from eighteen inches to thirty two. This means it will almost span the entire area of a standard thirty six inch (36″) sink cabinet area. It is easy to assemble, works with kitchen or bathroom sink areas and is adjustable.

This unit assembles around the plumbing pipes and the shelves are adjustable. It is eighteen and one quarter inches long (18 ΒΌ”) at its shortest point. The plastic shelves are eleven inches (11″) deep and the overall height stands at seventeen and one quarter inches (17-1/4″) high.

This undersink organizer has ten (10) adjustable shelves. It is easy to install the four metal pipes in conjunction with the modular plastic shelves. The hardest part of the project seems to be fitting the shelves around the plumbing pipes.

There are over twenty reviews for this Madesmart Undersink Adjustable Organizer at Amazon.

Here are a few paraphrased excerpts from their website:

Under Kitchen Sink Shelves

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“This item was incredibly easy to assemble, store things on and is adjustable to maneuver around everything under my sink cabinet. It took me about ten minutes once I unpacked it.”

“It is very stable and not to hard to figure out how to install. You just have to have to take your time when making it fit properly around the sink pipe.”

“Expandable and fits around your sink plumbing, really is an ingenious idea and works as advertised.”

“The undersink shelves were packed well and arrived quickly. The unit was a little challenging to put together…After all I am only a seventeen year old girl. After a period of time, it was necessary for me to use adhesive on a few of the joints to keep it together. I’m no engineer, but I think the fittings could have been made a little sturdier. All in all, I am pleased with the product. It was a great buy.”

This adjustable organizer will make an excellent addition to any bathroom vanity sink area. It’s perfect for organizing under the kitchen sink too. One customer review said they had the Madesmart Expandable Undersink Shelf Organizer in less than four days from when they had ordered it.

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