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Undersink Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

February 24th, 2011 No comments
Shelves For Organizing Under Sinks

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This under sink organizer has great reviews. It expands from eighteen inches to thirty two. This means it will almost span the entire area of a standard thirty six inch (36″) sink cabinet area. It is easy to assemble, works with kitchen or bathroom sink areas and is adjustable.

This unit assembles around the plumbing pipes and the shelves are adjustable. It is eighteen and one quarter inches long (18 ΒΌ”) at its shortest point. The plastic shelves are eleven inches (11″) deep and the overall height stands at seventeen and one quarter inches (17-1/4″) high.

This undersink organizer has ten (10) adjustable shelves. It is easy to install the four metal pipes in conjunction with the modular plastic shelves. The hardest part of the project seems to be fitting the shelves around the plumbing pipes.

There are over twenty reviews for this Madesmart Undersink Adjustable Organizer at Amazon.
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Cheap Cabinet Renovations

January 31st, 2011 No comments

There are a few cheap things that can be done to your kitchen or bathroom to improve the look of things. Budget cabinet remodeling can really ad a new dimension to the look of your home. Now since the Internet age has come on the scene, I’ve seen my share of strange ideas. One of the most absurd cabinet renovations I witnessed was a young lady wrapping her apartment cupboards with foil wallpaper.
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How To Restain Kitchen Cabinets

January 18th, 2011 No comments

The process of stripping the old finish off of your cupboards and applying a new stain is going to take a lot of work. In order to restain the cupboards, every inch of existing finish must be removed from the kitchen cabinets.

There are three methods used for stripping the old clear-coats and stain off. The most popular way that professionals get the old stuff off is by using some sort of paint remover. Another way is by using good old fashioned elbow grease and sanding paper. The final method is used for removing paint and that is through applying heat.
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Steps for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Correctly

January 13th, 2011 No comments

I found a pretty good video at Youtube that demonstrates the steps involved when refinishing your bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Although it is a little different from what I may have filmed, I think this handyman did an excellent job. What I really liked about his demonstration is that it shows how much work would go into doing refinish work on your cabinets. You can watch it below.
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Common Problems With Second Hand Kitchen Cabinets

December 10th, 2010 No comments
Fitting Cabinets is Like A Puzzle

Fitting old cabinets in new spaces is like building a puzzle.

Through the years we have installed many second hand parts and pieces of kitchen cabinets. There are a few things that repeatedly occur as being problem areas when people try to move a full set of cupboards from one location and make them fit somewhere else.

Every set of installed cupboards is generally fitted to the walls, floors and ceilings of the real property that they are attached to. Before a professional kitchen cabinet installer anchors the boxes into place, they are precisely fit to every little or big hump and bump. This means that the original perfectly straight edges of the cabinets get altered and are now squiggly and curved.

These tiny and large modifications create problems when an attempt is made to make secondhand cupboards fit in different places from where they were originally intended. A good finish carpenter or cupboard installer can usually make things work though. read Second Hand Kitchen Cabinets