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Bathroom Cabinets or Counters Design Ideas

September 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Looking for a different bathroom design for your cabinets? How about distinctive counters that were born from rare creative ideas are you interested in those too? Well we found a short video showing a few of the finest designer bathrooms that we’ve seen in a while.

This home design video begins by displaying a gorgeous vanity glass counter that is supported by a brushed stainless steel custom fabricated frame.

The tour then fades into a sleek European design highlighted with low level lighting that causes the viewer to feel a comforting sensation. This small wall of cabinets is loaded with custom storage ideas for the bathroom. The two upper cabinets to the left and right of the center mirrors provide a huge addition for storing towels, wash cloths and ladies make-up or perfumes. In the cupboards below we see a tastefully designed open shelf cabinet.

Moving on to the next set of frames the bathroom cabinets obviously are accented with brilliant, vibrant fire engine red colorations. These colorful ideas mixed with a farm-house style sink blend perfectly with the giant granite tiles and Corian solid surface shower enclosure.

Next we see a set of small bathroom cabinets with a granite counter that has two under-mount sinks. The inset European cabinet doors really make this vanity unit boast of riches because the style exceeds the norm.

This bathroom cabinet design idea is tops on my list. Notice that the wall mirror is huge. Because of its size an illusion is created that this bathroom is much larger than what it really is. There are many great design ideas in this video set. My favorite part of this picture is that the wall shelves are designed as though they are floating. I can’t ever recall seeing an S-shaped wall shelf of this style.

When was the last time that you saw a bathroom with his and hers shower heads next to each other. What an amazing concept for designing a bathroom. I wonder what the cabinets look like in this contemporary beige designed accented setting. With loads of marble spread throughout, I image they spared no expense when they design the vanity cabinets and counters.

Bathroom cabinets made in bright green and red colors or counters designed with the riches of granite can be perfected by studying others ideas. This video is an excellent forty second run displaying beautiful bathroom design ideas.

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