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How to Install Mirror on the Back of a Cabinet

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An upper (wall) cupboard needs to be fastened to the wall before a decorative mirror can be added. Rather than learn how to install the mirror, I have always hired a glass company to measure, supply, deliver and attach the mirror to the back of the cabinet. This is due largely to having customers who were building high-in homes. The cost of having a professional do the installation was always figured into the cost.

This article will not tell you how to cut mirror for your cabinets.

There are two methods that are generally used in combination with one another when installing mirrors inside of cupboards. Liquid nail adhesive and double sided sticky tape are both used. A few blotches of the liquid adhesive are squirted out of a standard style caulking gun onto the backside of the mirror and the double face tape is put in all four corners. More of the tape can be used depending upon the size of the cabinet back.

Cutting and installing glass is a very stressful job. Professional mirror companies have the correct tools and knowledgeable craftsman to get the pieces fabricated and installed correctly. If you were considering cutting, polishing and doing the installation, I’d consider my next suggestion seriously.

You could consider taking the cupboard to the glass company prior to installing the cabinet and have them cut and fit the glass to the inside-back of the cabinet. Then once you get the upper fastened to the wall you could use the double face tape in combination with the liquid adhesive to install the mirror.

If you decide to install the mirror yourself the glass company could teach you how to do this properly at the time of purchasing the materials. I’m sure they can sell you the tape and adhesive that you will need.

If you decide that you want to have glass shelves inside of the cabinet as well, make sure that all edges of the shelves get polished. The front edge is the most important, but it doesn’t cost much to have all four edges smoothed out nicely. This will prevent any possibility of cutting yourself on the rough edges of the glass when installing them in the cabinet.

Adding mirrors inside of cabinets really adds a depth of style to any kitchen. When you install them in combination with glass shelves and upper cabinet puck lights, this can really make for an elegant kitchen or bar cabinet design. Your guests will wonder how you managed to install such a beautiful cupboard when you tell them that you did all of the installation of the cabinetry yourself.

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