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Cabinets for Millionaires

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I read a book a couple of years ago that sparked this subject about building cabinets for millionaires. The title of it was, The Top Ten Distinctions Between Middle Class and Millionaires. What I am about to share with you has been certainly a common thread among peoples homes who have plenty of money to spend.

In all of my almost thirty years of custom cabinetry fabrication, this one thing has by far been the most common regular occurrence among people who have money.

Your going to discover the one thing that every rich person has in their home as it relates to custom cabinetry installation and design. I know you may be thinking that every person who has wealth installs real exotic or imported wood cabinets in their home. This may be a statement that is almost always the case, but the thing that I have seen in every house built on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico does not have to do with fine wood from another country.

Many of the millionaires that I have fabricated kitchens, vanity bathrooms and libraries for have selected fine hardwoods for their cabinets, but some have installed Formica cabinetry as well.

Perhaps you are thinking that the wealthy always have butlers pantries or fine stereo entertainment centers. Maybe over-sized laundry rooms would be another thought.

Well, without making you wait any longer, millionaires almost always have book shelves or libraries in their homes. This is because they are constantly educating themselves. Wall-units made from Oak, Walnut, Maple or even Imported woods from China are common place in the homes of wealthy people.

These are not just your ordinary eight foot long units either. No, these are entire rooms filled from the floor to the ceiling with book shelves. Oh, by the way, the ceilings are not eight foot high either. At times, we have installed cupboards that towered to twelve feet high. Needless to say it took more than one person to install those library book case units. Some of the designs included hand carved decorative wood pieces that were imported from Italy. There’s no end to the specialty items that get added to cupboards that wealthy people put in their homes.

This is one of the things that the book, The Difference Between Middle Class and Millionaires had in it. It’s absolutely true, rich people love to read and stack loads of educational books on their wall-unit shelves.

So what makes a great set of library cupboards anyway? Well, I thought you would never ask. Well fabricated book cases always have hardwood frames on them and the doors are almost always fabricated in a raised panel style. You will find custom inlays of leather and special inserts for adjustable shelf pins. Fluted molding and crown are among the popular additions. There are literally thousands of different styles of custom moldings that millionaires will decorate their special library cabinetry with. All of the drawers are fabricated out of dove tail style hardwoods and there are no parts of the units that do not operate smoothly.

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