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Different Kinds of Cabinet Lazy Susan Styles

There are several different styles of kitchen cabinet Lazy Susans. Your budget may decide the one you choose from the different kinds available. If you are ordering kitchen cabinets from Home Depot or Lowe’s, you may not have a choice as to what type you get with your cupboards brand. However, if you choose to have cabinetry custom built, there should be no problem getting exactly what you want.

These mechanisms come in several different styles and are made from three different types of material. They may be purchased with a chrome finish, made out of real wood or constructed from plastic (polymer). We will be looking at the different shapes and how much they cost throughout this article.

These built-in organizers for the kitchen cabinets are designed to work with base cabinets, upper cabinetry and pantry cupboards. Some work with ball bearings and others are designed with wheels that run on a solid metal plate.

Names of the Different Lazy Susan Styles

Used in Cross Corner Cabinet Designs
Full Round
Full Radius

Used in Corner Cabinet Designs
Pie-cut Lazy Susan
Kidney Shaped

Designed for Dead Corner Cupboards
Half Moon
Blind Corner
Corner Cabinet

The Chrome Plated Lazy Susan
These wire pull-out styles are the most expensive of three three kinds. Prices generally begin in the four hundred dollar ($400) range. Rev-A-Shelf stocks these chrome turn table accessories for kitchen cabinets and is recognized as an industry leader for kitchen cabinet hardware supplies. Some of the blind corner pull-out lazy susans have been know to exceed a thousand dollars ($1000) and that is the cost before tax, delivery and installation.

Real Wood Types
These natural wood turn tables are available from the Kitchen Source  website. They can be purchased in pole mount styles and are available in several wood types including maple. These Full Round Natural Wood Lazy Susans by Rev-A-Shelf have a a UV cured finish. Featuring a ½” continuous steam bent solid maple rim combined with the 2-3/8″ tall rim and the 5/8″ maple plywood bottom, these lazy susans bring style and functionality to your home. Available in multiple diameters to fit most cabinets, these lazy susans have RAS independent chrome-plated hardware.

The cost of wood lazy susans generally run s below three hundred dollars ($300).

The real wood styles are available in:

Kidney Shaped
Full Round Types
Half Moon Pull-out or Slide-out

Polymer or Plastic Styles

LazySusans.com has a nice selection of reasonably priced plastic lazy suans. These are the lessor expensive models of the three various kinds of turntables that are designed for kitchen cabinets. You will find that prices range from forty dollars ($40) to one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).

Follow this link for opinions about cabinet lazy susans. Excerpt-Having been in the cabinet industry for many years, I have opinions related to cabinet lazy Susans. The turntables are a nice extra to have in larger kitchens, but if your space is limited, I say leave them out. No matter what style you install, whether it is a half moon or a pie shaped lazy Susan there is going to be a tremendous amount of wasted space. It’s always a toss up for the customer to decide if they want the space or the convenience that they provide. (click introductory link to read entire article)

Here’s another great article explaining how to adjust a cabinet lazy susan. Excerpt-I learned how to take care of doing a kitchen lazy susan shelf adjustment through many cabinet installations. There are several different styles of mechanisms that support the shelves for these turntable that get installed in base or upper cabinets and kitchen pantry cabinet designs. Having one of these additions to your kitchen cabinet design can make a world of difference if you suffer from back-pain. It is an extra that gets installed in the kitchen to make getting things out of the cupboards more convenient. (click introductory link to read entire article)

The Internet is loaded with various brand name companies selling different varieties of lazy susan turntables for kitchen cabinets. Because there are so many different types to choose from, I would suggest sticking with name brands such as Rev-A-Shelf or Hafele. Both of these whole sale companies have been kitchen cabinet industry leaders for supplying these turntable mechanisms for many years. Most cupboard suppliers sell either one or the other of these two brand name products.

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