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Wine Glass Stemware Holders For Under Bar or Kitchen Cabinets

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There are many different styles of wine glass holders designed to be installed under cabinets. Some stemware racks do not need to be altered and others do. The grooved slats are available in many different finishes and sizes. Usually the process of attaching them to the bottom of a bar or kitchen cupboard involves securing them with a couple of screws.

Important to Know:
Many of the oak, maple, walnut, cherry or poplar wood holders are unfinished. You may need to get some polyurethane clear-coat or Minwax.

There are also different sized bases on wine glasses. Some of the customer reviews on Amazon reported that the grooves were too small for their wine glass bases.

Here are a few different materials types they are made of:

What are a few of wine glass holder brand names?

  • Oenophilia
  • Feeny
  • Whirlpool
  • J.K. Adams
  • Spectrum
  • Lenox

How much do stemware holders cost for under cabinets?

Price Ranges:

Beautiful wine glass holders can be purchased for less than twenty dollars. Every brand has different specifications for available sizes and their related costs.

Here are a few examples of pricing:

  1. Under $11-Single row frosted nickle stemware holder for three glasses
  2. Below $6- Under-cabinet chrome finish, one row
  3. Less Than $20-Twenty one inch (21″) long hardwood rack holds eighteen pieces
  4. Just Over $40-Twenty five inch (25″) long oak-wood, multiple rows
  5. Below $12-Acrylic 6 glass holder rack

Sizes vary in width, but most depths are made to fit underneath a one foot (12″) deep cabinet. You will find that most brands average between ten (10″) and eleven (11″) inches in depth.

What tools are required for installing a stemware rack under a kitchen cabinet?


  • Electric or Cordless Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Extra Set of Hands or Clamps
  • Drill Bit For Pilot Hole
  • Saber Saw (Depends upon style)

How To Install Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holders

The design you purchase will determine what steps are involved in the installation process.

  1. Cut the holder to size with the saber/jig saw if necessary
  2. Hold it under the cabinet and mark where it will be permanently attached to the bottom of the kitchen upper cabinet
  3. Pre drill the stemware rack if necessary.
  4. Hold the item under the cupboard again and mark the screw locations with a pencil
  5. Screw the screws into the upper cabinet bottom without the rack in place first
  6. Have a helper hold the wine glass holder in place or use clamps
  7. Gently secure it with the screws
  8. Finalize the tightening with a hand screwdriver

Words of Caution:
If you are hanging acrylic or real hardwood models, be extra careful to not over tighten the screws. Both of these materials can split rather easily if too much pressure is applied.

It’s really a simple process to install a wine glass holder designed for under kitchen or bar upper- wall cabinets. They can add flare, beauty and elegance to your entertainment area.

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