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Tape Measure-Pencil Sharpener Combination-For Cabinet Work

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Now I’ve used hundreds of tape measures through the years. Until a few years ago, I had never seen one that has the measuring tape and a pencil sharpener combination before. The one featured in the video below is a Fast Cap brand. The combo tool is excellent for building or installing cabinets. I generally purchase two or three of them at a time. This ensures that I have one on hand to give away. I do this because this is the finest measuring tool I’ve ever used.

I’ve posted an affiliate banner that leads to the Amazon website. There you can purchase one of these. Once you land on their product page you will find several reviews that are extremely positive in nature.


Spring Clip-This is a unique operation that makes clipping the tape measure onto a belt or the edge of your jeans really easy. All you have to do is depress the clip and it expands. Slid it on your belt, release the clamp and it fastens securely.

Bottom Tape Lock-When you extend the tape out over long distances-you can depress the button on the bottom of the housing and it will lock the tape into position. Let go of the button and the blade will retract back inside the housing. This is extremely helpful for taking quick measurements of cabinet and countertop pieces.

Top Locking Clip-This lock actually snaps into position to hold the tape firmly while it is extended. This is a handy feature for hands-free applications.

Built-in Pencil Sharpener-By far, this is my favorite feature of the Fast Cap brand sixteen foot long measuring tape. With this tool by your side, you will never have to work with a dull pencil ever again.

Note Pad-Any time you need to make a temporary notation of a measurement, you can quickly jot it down on the white drawing pad on the side of the tape measure. I find this to be very helpful because it seems like I am always looking for something to write an important dimension on.

These tape measures are very durable. The blades are plenty strong when the tape is extended out over long distances. Some measuring tapes are very flimsy, but this one is very stout.

The outer case of this tool is made out of a nice hard, flexible rubber plastic. This material makes holding the tape measure a lot easier than some other brands that I’ve used. If I had to name it I would call it a “SURE GRIP” material.

There are several sizes available including twenty five foot long models. You can buy them with a combination of metric and standard dimensions on the tape or with just standard measurements.

One of the things that I have noticed about using this tape measuring device is that it fits into my pocket comfortably. This is a plus because sometimes the jeans I’m wearing are worn out from using the tape measure so much.

I’m confident that you will love owning one of these Fast Cap finish carpentry measuring tools with the pencil sharpener combined. It is my preferred brand for measuring kitchens for cabinets, building countertops or fabricating cabinets. My favorite feature is the built-in pencil sharpener. With the price being right in exchange for an excellent product, this combo is perfect for every finish carpenter.

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  1. January 28th, 2012 at 09:14 | #1

    So as shown and illustrated if you hold the tape in the left hand and mark with the right hand (as generally promoted) the markings on this tape are up side down. Sorry, after 68 years of working with up side down printing on tapes I visited leftyslefthanded.com and purchased a right handed writers tape, it was designed for “Lefties”. The world is “Intellectually Dyslectic”. — Jimbo

    So who made thr “R” in February silent ? (It’s Not.)

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